Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Things I will Never Be

Once all my kids are in bed the house is quiet, and I can hear the quiet sounds that would regularly go unnoticed.  Last week, in the quiet hours, I descended a flight of stairs and could hear a creaking noise every other step.  I do not have a loose board every other step.  No, I have a creaky knee.  I am not even thirty yet and I creak.  A thought immediately came to my mind, "Well, there goes any chance I ever will have of being a cat burglar."  With creaking joints, I would lack the stealth I would need to get around.  So the writer in me started thinking about how certain professions have age limits on them.  Of course age is relative to how well you care for your body as well.

In the random track of my stream of consciousness, I pondered on how setting boundaries for ourselves also determines what we can achieve.  If we think something is unachievable then we will naturally not try.  I wondered how many great things that most would think impossible were achieved because the achiever never even pondered that they could fail.  We need to stop putting limits on our abilities and let our abilities carry us to the unachievable heights of yesterday.

Now I am not saying I am going to try to overcome my creaky knee to become the next Robinhood.  But I am definitely going to stop mentally discouraging myself from my writing and fitness goals.  I can be great and so can you.  So get out there and sore to heights you never thought you could.

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  1. What a great reminder! I was thinking along those same lines while watching the Equestrian eventing at the Olympics yesterday- many of the competitors were in their 50's and it's basically taken them two-thirds of their lifetime to reach their dreams. I was so impressed by that, especially considering how physically demanding and dangerous the sport is. But it just goes to show that sometimes the best things in life are yet to come. :-)



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