Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday So What: Endorsements

Welcome to my nightmare of the week. Okay, more like my nightmare of the month that I have put off until this week. So What frightens me and sends me straight to bed at 8:00 pm rather than staying up and getting it done? Seeking endorsements for my book, Finished being Fat, that is due to go out to the printers in a few months.

So why have I put it off? Because I'm scared to death of asking someone to read my book and give a positive endorsement of it. What if they don't have a positive endorsement of it? What if they think it's the most poorly written book that should never have been published in the first place? *pant, pant*

It was one thing to send it out to agents and publishers, but now I'm sending it to other authors that I know and respect. I actually care what they think! What if they hate it? The thought makes me want to hurl as I type.

The Power of Positive Book EndorsementsThis trepidation has kept me from sending out the emails and ARC copies for weeks. A thought occurred to me two days ago. I'm worried that no one will endorse my book. Well, if I don't ask... no one will endorse my book.

So I put my big girl pants on and sent out some requests. We'll see what comes back. In the meantime, when you are asking for an endorsement, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. If you have a connection, use it.
If you know the person you are asking on let's say an acquaintance level, remind them how you know them. Or that you know a friend who suggested they might be interested. A person will be much more willing to help out if they know who the heck you are.

2. What's in it for them
In your letter or email, make a brief and succinct case why it would benefit them to endorse your book. At the end of their quote will be a tagline, reciprocating one of their books or website. Or you could have a marketing link to their products on your website.

3. Make it easy
Make the process as easy as possible for them. Offer to write a few examples that they can choose from and add their tagline to. People are busy, and might not have time to deal with coming up with a good blurb. If it's in front of them, they might be more willing to help out. This really especially applies to non-author type people who might not know how to craft a good blurb.

4. Give them the book
Send either a hard ARC (advanced reader copy) or a digital ARC to them and thank them for their time. A lot of times an ARC isn't polished all the way yet and may include grammatical errors still. (guilty!) Just remind them that it still has to be edited by your publishing company. If you are self publishing, it should already be a pretty polished draft.

And lastly...
Remember the worst that can happen is they say no. It might have nothing to do with you. They might have a contract that doesn't allow them to endorse books by other publishers. They might be busy. They might be jerks. But you'll never know if you don't ask.

If you have credits in the field of fitness, weight loss, or body image- or have a PHd after your name...and would like to give me a blurb for either my website or the book, give me a buzz and we'll chat.

Otherwise see you next week. Visit me at the Finished being Fat blog and Heaven's to Betsy. I warn you, its a wee bit controversial this week.

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