Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Tribute To...

This post is a little tribute to...

My Shower

  I have heard many people say that they do their best thinking in the shower, or they get their best ideas in the shower.  I am no exception.  I have gotten many, many ideas while in the shower.  I kind of feel like my shower is like C.S. Lewis's magical wardrobe capable of transporting me to a magic place away from the real world.  A place where my mind can stretch.  However, unlike the magical wardrobe where once entered the real world seemed to be on pause, my "magical" shower seems to have the opposite effect, time goes by much quicker.  There may or may not have been certain times where I emerged from said magical shower hours later to a family who was starting to become worried over my absence. 

     Last June my family moved into a new house.  After only a couple times in my new shower I discovered something.  These may seem a bit weird or creepy, but on one of the tiles in my shower there appeared a face.  Now, this was not one of those Virgin Mary faces or even a celebrity.  It was just a little face.  To me it looks like a little pixie.  I nicknamed it my muse because I started making up a little story to go with the face.  Since then almost every time I step into my shower I try and find pictures in the swirly lines of my tile.  It's my version of finding shapes in clouds. It has turned out to be a fun writing exercise.  Do any of you do similar things?

Can you see the face?!


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  1. This is so funny, because I was just thinking this exact same thing last night- not about faces, but just that I get all my best ideas in the shower. I think about 90% of all the good ideas I’ve ever had have been while I’m in the shower. I started pondering why that was, and I think it’s because it’s one of the only times that my body is physically busy but my mind is not, because I’m doing something that I’ve done so many times I don’t have to think about it anymore, and because my shower is all white. White walls, white tub, white curtain- nothing really to look at to distract me. Blank slate. So my mind compensates by going into creative overdrive. Hooray for the shower!



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