Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unopened Gifts

   Some days I am really glad that I share in the Sunday slot.  Days like today for instance, because I heard something in church that got me thinking, and I love being able to share.  So instead of typing up the post I had planned on I'm going to share a little of what I gained from church today. 
  I was in Relief Society when the teacher made a comment that started a chain of thoughts going through my head.  I'll confess that I don't actually know what the lesson was on.  I had spent the first part of the class with my daughter who was experiencing some little trials of her own.  When I made it to Relief Society the class was engaged in discussion.  It was this discussion that lead to the comment made by the teacher.  I'm not sure why it struck me the way it did, or why it brought me to a question that started my inner dialog and discussion.  The question I found myself asking was this:

What gifts am I leaving undeveloped?

    I began to think of the talents I have that perhaps I was neglecting to develop.  My attention was again brought to the discussion in the class.  The teacher told a story about Oliver Cowdry and the misconception he had about a gift that was promised him.  He was told he would have the ability to translate ancient records.  However, he felt that because this had been bestowed on him all he needed to do was wait and his ability to translate would spontaneously come to him.  It was then my mind made the connection.  It is not enough to know we have a gift and think on it from time to time, or even exercise it on a whim.  We must study it out in our minds.  Our gifts and talents are no different from our muscles, if we do not use them on a regular basis they become fatigued.  I realized that even if we are given or promised certain gifts or talents we will not automatically be able to use them unless we do our part to ready ourselves for them.  I suppose it's no different than nurturing a little seedling.  We can't just expect it to become a magnificent tree or flower without first giving it the proper care.  It is the same for our talents. 
  Each talent or gift is unique to the person it is given to, so there can't be some magical formula to develop it.  I think it is this way by divine purpose.  It creates an opportunity to communicate with our Father in Heaven and seek His counsel, furthering our relationship with Him. 

   I think it is a very exciting concept to think that there could be endless gifts or talents waiting for me, for all of us, if only we can do our part.  I encourage you all to ponder throughout this week and think of the talents you have been given and find new ways to strengthen them!

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  1. I love this, and it totally ties in with my post tomorrow! I love how you said, “It creates an opportunity to communicate with our Father in Heaven and seek His counsel, furthering our relationship with Him.” I agree wholeheartedly, but I’d never thought of it that way. That was something I needed to read right now. Thank you! :-)



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