Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saved By The Bell

Saved by the bell...what does that phrase really mean?

I saw a post not long ago on Facebook, entitled "Life in the 1500's", that talks about the origin of several (now) cliche phrases and traditions, such as the bridal bouquet, or it's raining cats and dogs.  I found the post interesting, and at moments, subtly amusing.  I even read parts to my husband.  A lot of the information seemed solid and reasonable, and I took it as truth at first glance (even though there were some parts that begged me to question their plausibility).

I read Anna's great post earlier this month, entitled Errors In Translation, and it got me to thinking more about the topic of research.

I decided to research more about the origin of different phrases, and I found the following article that totally debunks the info I had read, in such a humorous way that I can't believe I ever took a single part of it at it's word.

I guess it just goes to show how important research truly is.  Because if you don't have reliable and credible sources, and you don't do the proper research, you'll just end up looking foolish or fraudulent. And no bell is going to save you from that.

Oh, and I guess I've learned I can't believe everything I read on the Internet....right?

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  1. Now I'm thinking about that commercial where the girl says "They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true... I read it on the internet." ;-)




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