Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm a Super Hero

As I'm sure many of you know there are a plethora of moments in which we, as parents, just have to take a step back and laugh.  Whether it's a little child getting themselves into a predicament they can't seem to understand or a delightful question asked in pure innocence from the mouths of our babes.  Other times  we find ourselves in the middle of a situation that we could easily allow our frustrations to come through as a snarling beast or a raging gorilla.  It's these moments I think it wise to retain a sense of humor and remember that these potentially overwhelming times will be over before we know it and we'll find ourselves looking back on them with fond recollection. 
I had a perfect reminder of this while we were getting ready for church this morning.  I had just bathed my youngest and had sent her to brush her hair.  When she returned she had marker all over her face, arms, and legs.  She told me she was a "robot kitty," and was NOT washing it off. 

*a little side note: I had just washed off a "kitty face" she had drawn on herself earlier this morning.
I could have easily allowed my inner raging gorilla to take over and yell at her for getting messy right before church.  I could have snarled and grumbled which would have made her cry and fight me the rest of the morning.  Instead I chose to smile and see the moment for what it was.  I chose to see my daughter's smiling "robot kitty" face and just enjoy the moment.  I didn't say anything about the pink and green stripes all over her arms and legs or the purple "kitty" nose.  I just did her hair and sent her off to play while I finished getting ready.  A few minutes before we had to leave I asked my little one if she wanted me to put sparkles in her hair, which of course she did.  I told her she could either have sparkles or a "robot kitty" face.  She chose the sparkles and I was able to clean the marker off (for the most part). 
I kind of felt like a super hero saving the day, or at least the morning.  I think that every parent has an inner super hero just waiting to save the day.  We just have to chose her (or him) over the snarling raging beast.


  1. It's possible I choose raging beast a little too often. Oops. :)

  2. so cute! I might have just let my girl go to church in her "creativity." I'm weird that way. :-) Love the picture of your proud of herself.



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