Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday So What Book Bite: Shy by S.D Kupiec

I would like to introduce you to a new feature, the Book Bite - a little nibble into what I'm currently reading and what I dig about it.

Today, I am doing signings at an event on the other side of the country, without a computer and the IPad is not the ideal blogging tool.  When I get home, I will add the cover picture and links to go with the book I'm going to talk about- Shy.

On the plane ride over here, I didn't get any sleep because I immersed in a book, a far better pastime than catching zzzzzs. The book I packed along is the debut YA novel from SD Kupiec called, Shy. My inner editor was fascinated with the prospect of reading a character POV that doesn't speak for the first big chunk of the story. My inner bullied teenager wanted to cry along with the protagonist.

Kupiec wisely kept the narrative brisk with modern short chapters, allowing the pace to move easily. She also avoided the dreaded info dump, and while that left me scratching my head for a minute, I gladly kept reading to understand more.

The book falls into the magical realism genre with rich Indian Shaman setting. I will stay away from spoilers, but I fell in love with the characters and that made the ending tough for me to accept. I'm assuming that there will be more to the story (hum hum Stacy).

If you want an intriguing clean read you wouldn't be ashamed to loan to your granny, give this Mormon Momma's debut a gander. You can find it as an ebook or trade paperback on Amazon.

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