Friday, October 18, 2013's easy.

I'm at the beach this week with some women friends, and we're all taking time to do what we love to do - read, nap, walk on the beach, and eat chocolate.  I'm writing uninterrupted, because I love to write until my legs fall asleep, and I can't move my neck.  I don't get days like that at home.

I'm doing homework for my publishing/marketing class, I'm writing blog posts, and I'm cleaning up my writing files.  It never ceases to amaze me how much time flies by while I'm writing.  I started about ten this morning after a fruit smoothie on the balcony.

I looked up half an hour later, and it was 3:30.

So, I got up and ate a piece of fudge.  Five and a half hours is too long to go without some brain food.  

I've never done this before - taken a week away to write.  It's the utmost luxury for me, and I could not have done it without my generous sister, my supportive husband, and my wonderful daughter.  They all contributed in one way or another to give me this break.  I am grateful beyond words, and so blessed to have a family who understands my love of writing and the need to take a break from the caretaking of my parents.  I'm soaking it all in.

As the waves pound through the open windows here, I am marveling at the gifts around me: the 75 degree weather, the warm butter cream walls of the beach house, the 'fridge that is stocked with veggies and desserts, the hot tub on the balcony, and the fellow believers with whom I am here.  I'm taking lots of pictures, so I don't forget.

Writing can be difficult at times.  It's a solitary venture.  Hours and days and weeks and months of time alone.  Sometimes, when I have a deadline, the words won't come.  Sometimes words come, but they're not right, they don't fit.  Sometimes I get tired of a project, and just want something new.  

But sometimes, like this week, when I'm free of responsibilities, and I'm surrounded by lovely things, and my heart is grateful, it's easy to put thoughts on paper.  I'm relishing the time to think and piece words together without time restrictions. 

On Sunday, I'll be back home, well rested and five pounds heavier.   Life is good there too, but every writer should get away once a while and capture a different view, breathe in fresh air, and let the words tumble out. 


  1. This sounds absolutely magical, Mare! I am turning green with jealousy, but pink with happiness for you. :-) Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

  2. Wow, that sounds amazing, thanks for taking me there with this post.

  3. Live the dream, Mare!

  4. I think I focus so much on how hard it can be to write, that I forget how easy it can be too, if I let it be! Thanks for reminding me that I need to let myself love what I do and let it be easy, even if I don't have a beach!
    Enjoy your writing time and much deserved break!

  5. Thanks, girls. Now that I'm home, I'm juggling again to get the writing in....that's life, though. I urge you all to plan a break away sometime. Plan for it, and do it. :-)



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