Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Magic is in You

 Photo by Amber Lynae 2009

Waiting for your fairy godmother can lead to a life of disappointment. For most of us, our desires do not just fall into place.  No matter how many times I wish to be thin magically, it will continue to be a wish and nothing more. The same is true for all my wasted time wishing for a cleaner house, more focus in writing, and a fuller bank account.

The quick fix mentality brings you nothing but disappointment. It can suck you into a pity party. This will only end in a grave under appreciation for all that you have.  This is not the way of the Lord.  We cannot sit idly by expecting the blessings to appear.

We need to shuck off the effects of our dreamers disease.  This does not mean we should give up.  But if you are looking for magic, you need to look within.  Our dreams and goals are what we put into them.  If you want to be thin, then you must take action, If you want a clean house, then put on the rubber gloves and start scrubbing.  Behind great success is great effort, and you have the power within you to get there.  Victory is yours if you are willing to be your own fairy godmother.

I am constantly amazed by the things people are able to achieve when they refuse to let doubt, fear, and idleness stand in their way.  There is so much truth in the phrase, "Where there's a will, there's a way."

So get out there are make your dreams come true.

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  1. "you want a clean house, then put on the rubber gloves and start scrubbing." Darn it all. :)



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