Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Urban Ninjas

The "urban ninjas" in this video are jump artists. They perform amazing, dangerous feats in the run down buildings of the ghettos where they live in Russia. The first time I saw this video the first thing I thought was, why? But I think I understand a little better now; there's something within us as humans that gives us the desire to distinguish ourselves in some way, to excel at something. Even if it's just within our small circle. What amazes me is the risks we are willing to take to do that. For a writer the risk might not be physical injury, but it can be very personal. Revealing your work to others for critique or rejection is a big deal! But in the end I think we're better for it. We grow and gain confidence, while at the same time gaining humility.

Sorry to wax philosophical, but this has just been on my mind.

This is kind of a long video. I would suggest fast forwarding to 2:00. It's really amazing after that. Sorry for the Russian rap music. :)


  1. This was the coolest thing ever! I loved it! And honestly, the russian rap sounded awesome! LOL! It helped I had no idea what it was saying... the beat was super cool with the orchestra in the background in the first rap song. The second one is kind of odd. It's so crazy to think about the risks these guys are taking--but they are crazy talented. I could never ever do what they do... at the same time, it's amazing how many people a day tell me how brave I am and that they could never do what i do... it's all in perspective, isn't it? Thanks for the post. jenni

  2. I love the Russian Ninjas. They are so cool. This post really hit home with me. It is hard to open ourselves up for criticism and rejection. But our stories become better for it.

  3. They are crazy cool, I am sure there is going to be a movie any day now where these guys will be stuntmen and run from the cops or something. I could totally see that happening.

    Just in case anyone wondered, I used to be an urban ninja, but as soon as I figured out that I broke my leg every time I did a jump - I knew it wasn't the right job for me. This is how I came to be a writer.... bet you didn't know that, did ya?

  4. What I liked the best about the video is how effortless they made it look. They did all these gravity defying things but they kept landing so featherlike. I feel that's how I want my writing to be. I want to look so cool an awesomely amazing, but look so effortless and second nature at the same time. Does that even make sense?? LOL!

  5. Jenni, You are brave, and obviously gangsta' cool with your love of Russian rap. :)

    Kasie, I need this post too. I'm just at the point where I'm really starting to open myself up, and I love it (even when it hurts!)

    Jenn, LOL! What other mad skills are you hiding from us?

    Nikki, That makes perfect sense. I thought the exact same thing when I saw it. I think experts usually do make what they do look effortless.

  6. The music is French "rap" hard core!!! :) LOL They have no idea how rap really is suppose to be. When I lived in France it was light like this. Anyways a group of French guys started doing this in the gettos of France. It's like street ballet! They became so famous for it that they are even in movies (like the first new James Bond, the guy that seems to fly across the crane is one of them). It's pretty cool. It's amazing how we can push the human body (and mind) to do extraordinary things!!! This is an awesome example and very motivating. Thanks :)

  7. Cool video!! And, I second others, the rap music was totally sweet!

    I definitely think it's a good analogy. I am always so inspired by people with a passion to be the best they can be. I think it's why I love to watch the Olympics, or those reality competitions like Top Chef, Project Runway, and American Idol. I feel a common bond with people who are willing to just go for it head on and fight for what they want.



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