Sunday, March 1, 2009

God's Magnificent Creations

Do you ever feel just overwhelmed with the beauty of the earth? I went on a really quick trip from Phx, AZ to Cortez, Co this weekend. In about a 30 hour period, I watched the scenery around me change from desolate desert, to lush forest to beautiful winterized trees. I found myself marveling at the feelings these untouched sceneries fill me with. Then I tried to do what I do with everything, and I tried to find the words to describe it. Sometimes there is just no way to accurately describe these beautiful scenes painted by God himself, and the feelings that go with it. How do you convey the majesty and the beauty of God's creation? But as writer's, that's our task. We are responsible for not only portraying the setting in each scene we write, but also for the feelings attached to that scenery. But everytime we do, everytime we capture and honor the beauty of the earth, we are honoring it's creator. So your task this week is to write about something in nature that makes your heart sing! Try to put it in words. You may not be able to use it for your current WIP, but set it aside, it may inspire a whole new story.

Here's mine, it's a little cliche, but like I said, it's hard to find the words!

The colors rushed past her window in a blur. The desert had many faces as the tall majestic sahuro cactuses gave way to small parched bushes and shrubs dotting the yellow scrub brush that blanketed the ground. The mountains and hills jutted out of the earth like jagged knives. Many of them looking as if they'd been cut in half by mother nature to reveal their rich layers of red, orange, and white.


  1. This is a little section from a project I put aside. This girl hates winter. I know your assignment was to describe the wonders of nature and I think it does. Even thought the MC doesn't appreciate it, I think it shows the wonders of winter.

    The mountains, normally dark and vibrant, were a shadow of themselves, whitewashed, blending into the winter sky. Actually, everything blended, the snow on the ground, nearly too bright to look at, blended straight into the snow covered mountains, which blurred into the low hanging clouds. Her mood, like her surroundings, was colorless as well.

  2. I love going out and really looking at landscape, even in the winter. I especially love a sunny winter day working around horses.

    What I remember: Cool, brisk air, the warmth and wooly softness of a horse's mane and winter coat, the sun pouring its kindness on me and warming me to the very core.

  3. My love is the ocean.. probably because I spent so many vacations in Mexico as a child. The nice warm, deliciously decatant ocean!

    I love the blissful ocean breezes and the sound of waves lazily lapping onto sandy beaches--breaking over multiple muscle-strewn craggy rocks. How I miss Mexico! I'm so glad I'm moving back to the states! Everyone needs the slower, longer, peaceful days of Mexican shores.

  4. Kasie-I love the scene. It conveys the scenery as well as the feelings of the character. It's so much more dynamic to use nature to describe a feeling!

    Pink Ink-I love the description of the smell of horses. I love the way the sun pours it's kindness down. Personification works so well.

    Jenni-I love the ocean too. I lived on the west coast during high school. The beach was a really happy place for me. But I would hold off on going to Mexico anytime soon!! The border towns are at war right now!

  5. I love the night, so I was very sad when I had to cut this scene from my first book for the good of the story. I decided to use it for this post, so at least it will serve some purpose.

    Blaik turned off the lights as he pulled in to the long drive that lead to the house. Andi looked out her window; the night was still and clear. Trees lined each side of the road, and she was hypnotized by the tall, straight trunks passing rhythmically by her window. Without the illumination of the headlights the colors of the night changed. Everything shared the same gray blue tint with varying shades of darkness. She felt herself slipping into a dream world, lulled into a trance by the striking, monochromatic scene.

  6. Candi-oooo I really like this description. I see why you were sad to cut it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Ok I hardly ever comment and this is a little late but here is my attempt...

    The edge of town was marked with the wide and powerful Coosa River. The sun was just dipping below the sharp horizon, casting a golden glow on the waters edge. Birds rustled the trees and sang their last good-byes to the day. She slowely closed her eyes and felt the cool water trees brush her check taking with it the grim of the day.

  8. WAHOO Sugoi AKA "the Harris'" LOL! I love it!! Don't be shy, if you're doing our exercises you might as well post them!!



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