Monday, October 12, 2009

Prada and Prejudice Book Review

Prada and Prejudice
by Mandy Hubbard
Recently I put a shout out on facebook asking authors if they had written or know of any books that were appropriate for my now teenage daughter. I had to be specific about appropriate: no sex, drugs, swearing, and crudeness. Out of the hundreds of authors that I am friends with on facebook one responded back that they had one out in publication!!! Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard. It's a traveling back in time Jane Austin era story. I'm not going to give away more but what a fun light easy read! How refreshing not to be constantly offended and bombarded by smut. I could read this book proudly and even pass it on to friends and family without shame. My daughters YW class are all in line wanting to borrow it. I haven't found a book like that in a while. It was no epic romance like Eragon or Twilight but it was fun and refreshing. It gave me hope that all of you out there who are writing clean romance for teens and even adults have a market and we are waiting! So write on without fear and pick up Prada and Prejudice for a fun, quick 2 hour read. It will give you hope and inspiration as you write your clean novel!!!


  1. I am all for writing clean books for kids. I wish there were more out there for our youth! I promise to deliver these great qualities at all times when I am a published author as I do now!

  2. Thanks for passing along a good read. My daughter is in the tween stage now, soon I will be trampling the teen years. Help me Lord!

    Happy writing!

  3. Yay for clean books! There aren't enough of them out there, and there seems to be a real push for the edgy ones these days. It's definitely nice to hear a shout out for more clean entertainment, and it makes me excited to get mine out there one of these years.

  4. Thanks for passing this along! I am big Young Adult book fan..but it is hard to find ones without something that risque in them. I'm looking forward to reading this one!!

  5. Sounds great! It is so hard to find appropriate books nowadays. :O)



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