Monday, October 19, 2009

Writing From a YW Perspective

Recently my 13 year old daughter decided that she wanted to finish her book before she was 14. She devised a very clever method to reach her goal and has been very successful. You all have heard this before and it is sooo simple. She decided that there were certain events that she wanted to cover in her novel and she knew that each event would take about 10 pages. She wrote a list of 24 events total. Since writing down this "outline" list she has been moving along at a much faster pace then before! Each day she tells me of her accomplishments (aka pages finished) and I am very excited for her! I can't wait to read the entire first draft :)

So on Writing from a YW Perspective try:
  1. Creating a list of events that you want to see happening to your character (this outline will help you to NOT paint yourself into a corner)

  2. Find a friend/family member that will help encourage you and celebrate your successes(how ever small or large they are)!

Remember the trick is to JUST DO IT and WRITE! If any of you have little writing tips, drop a comment and let my daughter know! She would love to hear "Writing from an Adults Perspective!" :)


  1. How wonderful it is that she can learn these things about writing at such a young age. She is so ahead of the game! It really is all about finding a routine that works for you and getting into the habit of writing. I wish I had been as committed to writing at her age. I will be posting some writing websites to check out on the Where MMW's Hang page soon. That would be a good place to see where we all get our info.

  2. That's great! What is her novel about?



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