Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lost and Lonely

This post here is to all writers who feel like they are on the sidelines watching. First off...


So you've discovered that you can't stay away from it. It brings you joy. Peace. Sanity. Then you realize that it's more than that. You've written an entire novel and there are still stories coloring your horizons.

The next thing you do is, what? Share! The burning desire to share your love for writing bursts from the cracks and shines as you speak. So this world has four moons, two suns and green people who fly through the air and--what? An astronaut falls from the heavens and creates a crater so huge that it's hard to miss.

Okay. So the people you tell smile politely and turn away and start an entirely different conversation with some one else.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe in some way?

It happens to me.

What I did next was find others who have the same mad drive of writing. Oh yes, we are out there. If only you can distinguish us writers with the naked eye. We look like everyone else. Our homes may have the telltale clue that we are writers.

Sometimes other writers will nod politely and pat your hand and say, "sounds like a cool story."And you don't hear back from them. I've had that happen, too.

There was a time where I felt so unlike every other writer. I wanted badly to connect with others. How do I know what rules to follow? How to gain a wonderful online presence? How to sound/be confident with my work?

So I've read a thousand how-to books. But I want to talk about them, philosophize. Something. But with whom?

In my earlier days, I tried to find other writers interested in forging a group with me, but they were dismissive. I felt hopeless. I was alone for such a loooooooong time.

When I first started out into the 'real writing world' from the privacy of my home, I was intimidated. I wanted to mix and mingle with everyone. That was hard at first because everyone seemed skeptical or passive. Tight-lipped if they were writers.

I wanted a mentor with all of my heart. I wouldn't be alone. I'd have a cheerleader. A motivation. Hope.

Slowly, then so slowly miracles started happening. The library suddenly started a writing group. I was thrilled beyond words. Finally! I get to meet with others who are as passionate as I am with the writing craft. I learned of writers conferences (wow, yes, they are out there!), critique groups, contests... As I got myself out there, I discovered whole new worlds made just for writers!

I also learned that there are degrees of passion within everyone. There are some who are ho-hum while I border obsessive. ;)

I don't feel as lonely as I had only a few years ago. I've found my place and have started the journey to publication. I've found so many people places and things that have buffered away the awful spikes of drought.

I've collected a lot of information from my travels and I am more than happy to share them with everyone and anyone who wants to learn. I don't know everything, but I know enough.

A friend of mine just e-mailed me. He has so many concerns and questions and doubts. It touches me that he has gathered the courage to seek my help.

I want all of you, my writing friends, to know that it is absolutely no coincidence that you love writing. Not at all. I have every whit of confidence in you guys that you will get your wonderful stories published if you keep on the pathway to it. If you ever feel lost, lonely, afraid, please consider me.

I love to mentor, help, and nurture through anything.


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  1. Your AMAZING, Elizabeth!! Your really are there for everyone and I love it! I still get those lonely feelings because maybe I'm not the writer I know I could be. Writers around me seem to be able to produce so much volume, while each word I write feels like blood seeping out of my body and I get so weak and tired and I haven't even written much. But I do know it's a cycle. I just have to push through this and know that I do have friends and people that understand the need to write, and the need to share, and the feelings of inadequacy and rejection. Thanks for reminding us all how much we need to support each other through this process.
    PS. Writer's Groups are great there is one called ANWA for LDS women writers. Check them out

  2. This is so beautiful Elizabeth! Thank you.

    Sometimes I do feel alone and it's nice to know I'm not the only one.



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