Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Biscuits Are Burnin'!!!

Here's my question: what motivates you to action? What sets your "biscuits" on fire and gets you off your behind to do something? What are you so passionate about that you can't help but do something about it?

Writing is one, I'm sure, or you wouldn't be reading this blog. In my area there is a new bookstore, Fire Petal Books, focusing on children's and YA books. It's not too far away, about fifteen minutes, and on the way to visit my parents. I haven't been there for numerous reasons, though I've really wanted to go and browse and buy. But shame on me, for letting these lame reasons get in the way of supporting a business I really want to succeed. A situation soon to be remedied.

Do you remember the movie "You've Got Mail", with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, where Meg Ryan owns a children's bookstore that gets forced out of business by the big box store owned by Tom Hanks? Well, this is like that, only there's no cute romantic comedy to brighten up this situation. It's even harder for Michelle Witte, who is starting up an indie bookstore in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression.

I love the idea of a local bookstore that I can walk into and get great recommendations for books for my children. I love having a central location for readers and writers, where they can come together and become a community within a community. I want Fire Petal Books to succeed, but what am I willing to do to see that happen? Are my biscuits burning yet?

Elliot and the Goblin WarThis Saturday, October 9th, from 3-5 pm, my good friend from high school and debut author Jennifer A. Nielsen will have a launch party for her new book, Elliot and the Goblin War at Fire Petal Books. If you live close enough to Centerville, Utah that you can make it, go and support two great causes: a new children's bookstore, and a new children's author. If reading and writing are what burn your biscuits, then get up off of them and get moving! Make your voice heard about what is important to you! (And yes, I will be there.)

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