Thursday, October 14, 2010


And the WINNERS of our 1 sentence contest are........(Drumroll here)
Rebecca J. Carlson's sentence - 
"They took the whole world away, but they gave us back the sky," Grandpa said. 
Kimberly's sentence - 
“My life is nothing more than a slice of boredom dipped in melancholy and deep fried in misery,” Kat said.
Jolene Perry's sentence - 
Today love walks out the door with me, keeps my hand in his and I don't even notice when we pass my safe place - I'm already there.
Congratulations to our winners!!!!
Winners you may email 5 pages of a MS you would like critiqued to nickalodeon26 at yahoo dot com.  Be sure to tell us what you want us to look for in our critiques and tell us if you want a hard, medium, or soft critique.  Can't wait to see what you have for us!! 


  1. I am so honored, thank you so much! Especially as the other two winners' sentences were deliciously profound.

    Will email later today!

  2. I love this contest! Great sentences. I bet you got a lot of good ones. These are soooo nice.

  3. Wooot! Congrats, winners! I can't wait! :)



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