Friday, October 22, 2010

A World of Consequences

It's not enough to create magic. 
You have to create a price for magic, too. 
You have to create rules.
Eric A. Burns
As a mother, it is a constant battle to teach my daughter that her choices have consequence and that things are not so just because she wishes them to be.  Our world, our lives follow a certain amount of logic. 

As a writer, the battle is to remember that all aspects of my worldbuilding must have rules and consequences.  Even if it would be easier for things to be a certain way just because it is cool and I like, doesn't mean that it makes sense.   And in the end things do need to make sense.

While they may not have much advice on teaching your children about consequences, the guys at Writing Excuses did a wonderful podcast explaining the logic behind world building.   Their podcasts are 15 minutes long and easy to download and listen to on any mp3 device.  

Have you run into some speed bumps in world building in your current WIP?

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  1. Love "Writing Excuses" especially when they talk about worldbuilding. I have been working on building a world for three years now. I think I'm finally getting a sense for the consequences of the world so I may actually get to write the story soon!!



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