Monday, November 29, 2010

Gorgeous Words

This past weekend my son's children's choir sang in a community Christmas program. I went expecting to be, well, bored. I've avoided all thoughts of the coming holidays, mostly because we have no money for anything, including Christmas. So I avoid thinking about the holiday all together, so I wouldn't dwell on the fact that this Christmas is so different from all that came before.

So yes, you could say I had "hardened" my heart, stiffened it with bits of wood scavenged from the pebbly coasts of my life. And in one evening, the tide of music and beautiful readings washed that away, leaving my softened heart beating reverently once again.

The music provided was soaring and glorious, bringing the Spirit of God as only some music can. It was interspersed with readings, some scriptural, some poetic. And for the first time, I felt truly touched by the poetry shared that focused so poignantly on the Savior and His birth.

In all that was shared, one phrase stuck, and I've rolled it around and around in my mind, a shiny nugget of golden words. It may not strike you as it did me, but let me share it: "...give our sin the shape of kneeling." Obviously I was so drawn to it because I had some bending to do, some repentance to show, but it was more than that.

What I liked so much about the poetry chosen was the crafting of them showed a thoughtfulness, a profound respect for the words and the pictures they create.

Words are power. May your quest to wield that power be successful.

Here is a gorgeous song with beautiful words to get you into the spirit of the Season.


  1. Thanks for the thoughtful post. I had a similar experince the year I was a freshman in college & was listening to a Christmas concert and one of the phrases struck me stayed with me for several days and finally softened my hard (and lonely) heart. And yes, I still remember it from "O little town of Bethlehem" the last line: "Where meek souls will recieve him, still the dear Christ enters in."

  2. This is so true. Just the other night I was tired and exausted. My body is trying to pass a kidney stone among other things and fatigue just overwhelmed me. But flipping through channels I found a mormon tabernacle choir christmas program and I instantly felt peace and was able to relax and actually fell asleep right there on the couch. It was exactly what I needed, peace spoken directly to my soul so my body could recover. The power of words and music knows no bounds!!



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