Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Gratitude . . .

I am grateful for snowflakes dancing in the air so soft,

the leaves whirling and flitting and twirling.

I am grateful for round fuzzy kittens, so warm and sweet,

the puppies nibbling and playful and fun.

I am grateful for writing and its worlds so magic'ly real,

for the power of thought and wit to share.

I am grateful for friendships unjudging, open and so true,

the love, the secrets, the times most pleasant.

I am grateful my children so lovingly carefree to be,

their heartfelt warmth and the kisses and hugs.

I am grateful for life pleasant yet harsh, choices left to me,

the sadness and joys and trials, I grow.

Thank you, dear Lord, for all things weak and strong--

for everything granted, for wisdom, my guide . . . the great beyond.

by Elizabeth Mueller

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1 comment:

  1. This is Beautiful! I love your Sunday posts, they are so positive and always lighten and brighten my day.



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