Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If You Love Writing

by Tamara Passey

"If you love writing it must be easy for you, right?"

Has anyone ever said this or some variation of it to you?
I've now been asked this (or had it assumed of me) a few times. I'm slow on the verbal comebacks but I've been mulling this one over and thought I'd share it with the awesome MMW readers & fellow writers.

So I'm sure Olympic swimmers love to swim. But does that make their grueling training hours in and out of the pool easy? If they have a natural athletic talent or ability, does honing their skill or becoming the best in their sport happen magically as they slip into the water on race day? I don't think so.

We can love something, like writing, but that love of creating doesn't automatically translate into effortless composed pages. Writing takes hard work, whether we love that work or not--that's what it takes. Isn't the same true with mothering. I love being a mother, but no one would say to me, "So if you love being a mom so much, it must be easy for you." I suppose what the 'love' does is make the work tolerable, endurable --not effortless or easy.

Any thoughts on this? I always love to hear your ideas.


  1. Very well put! When I started counseling last semester, I was really disappointed that it did not come naturally for me like I expected it would. But I did get to a point where I realized I really enjoy this, even though it is hard work. Your post makes me realize that we can enjoy difficult things, and maybe even that we should choose to enjoy some difficult things that aren't as easy for us to enjoy (like my calling in nursery).

  2. Thanks, Cherene. I like the way you said we can enjoy difficult things. Now I need to find a way to teach that to my kids! I feel another post coming on!

  3. Exactly! I actually used to think it myself. I had myself convinced that I must not really be a writer because it wasn't easy for me. But let's think about this for a moment. Is anything that is worth while ever easy? Let's rejoice in the hard work!

  4. Great post, Tamara. So true. I love this analogy.

  5. Sooooooooooo true. I haven't had anyone tell me writing is easy (mainly because I deal with college students and my children who have a healthy appreciation for the time it takes), but I can totally relate to the Mom comment. I loved my husband's response when his co-worker asked him if his wife worked. His response? "Dang harder than I do!" Love that man. He is soooo supportive of me as a wife, mother, student and writer. I'm surrounded by people who aren't disillusioned as to how hard it is to write, which makes the work all the more rewarding. They get it. So, surround yourself with good people! :) Thanks Tamara. Insightful as always!



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