Sunday, March 27, 2011

Remotecontrol Parenting?

It's like sitting in front of the television.


Not another commercial.


Okay, I don't want to watch junkfood dance.


That's better now.

I'm guilty of doing that. With my kids. This happens mostly when I'm blogging *ahem* or writing. I don't want to get off my laptop. I'm on a role! The homework needs to be done, so I yell out, "Start your homework!" Later: "Are you done yet? Okay, clean your rooms now!" And still, a bit later, "Okay, did you hunt around the house for your junk?"

It makes me feel bad, because, when the day has wound down to pillows and PJs and whispers, I close my laptop and kiss them goodnight. It has come and gone and the only thing I did that day was write or blog and tell them what to do.

I've made it a point to NOT do this anymore. I only write on my own time: when they are at school or after I've tucked them into bed. That way I feel satisfied that I've given my kids the time they deserve with their mom.

What challenges do you face with your children and writing?

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  1. I can relate, there are so many challenges that take our time, some may seem real good to! For example 3 days this week I will be teaching early morning seminary, I can imagine that at least once I will ignore the kids because "I have a lesson to prepare" I guess life is just full of choices and that was how it was meant to be ?!


  2. Sounds like me... I've been doing better lately though. I can only write at night, but I find I can blog better during the day. I usually find time in the morning before my kids wake up or are eating breakfast. My kids need more of my attention and I know that now. We'll see how good I stick to my new schedule! :)

  3. I learned that day-writing just doesn't work for me and my kids. I write at night now. And go to bed late. Then I'm tired the next day. Obviously still struggling for a balance here.

  4. RJR, oh yes! That is so true. It's a constant battle for balance!

    Chentele, I'm trying, too! I really want to get my book edited so that I can finally move onto the next stage! So tricky, though...

    Jessie, me too. I can't do that. My brain can't think on more than 1 dimension when it comes to writing!

  5. i'm with you on this. my youngest is five and I feel the time with her slipping away before she starts kindergarten in the fall. thanks for the post!

  6. I write on my own time too (from 5-6:30 a.m.) but I found networking and book promotion taking up a lot of my "kid time". It can be so time-consuming!



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