Thursday, March 24, 2011

They Know My Name!

When my oldest daughter was two years old, my husband and I took her to Disneyland.  I've never had so much fun in my life than when we got to experience the greatest place on earth with a two year old.  She was in love with each of the characters.  Every time she saw one her eyes lit up.  On our last day there, we bought her the much coveted mickey mouse ears with her name on the back and promptly went to frontier land and who should we see but Aladdin and Jasmin.  She was so excited because Aladdin is a little dreamy.  When he walked up from behind and called her by name her eyes got as wide as saucers and in her whispiest voice she said to me, "Aladdin knows my name!" 

Well that is how I felt at the ANWA conference last month.  People knew who I was and not just because I was wearing a name tag, but because of this blog. It was the Aladdin moment for me when Karen Hoover, author of the "Sapphire Flute", walked up and called me by name and asked how I was doing.  Yes I had met her twice before, but I never thought she would remember me, after all, it had been over a year!  But she did remember me, and why?  Because *gasp* she reads this blog!!   How awesome is that?  I also had other people admit that they stalk the blog.  (Did I mention that I love blog stalkers?  Stalk away!)  And I met Kaylee Baldwin, one of our Saturday Stories that Lisa interviewed.  It was so cool to meet her up close!  (Below I am shamelessly taking a picture with Karen Hoover)
 I also had support from my local ANWA chapter that meets once a month, above is the lovely Lisa D, and our wonderful chapter president DeAnn.  Below is Lisa again with our musically talented Kiera.
And last but definitely not least, I got to meet Tamara Passey (isn't she wonderful?)
And the Amazing Megan Oliphant!
 I was so excited to meet these girls in person finally!  They are just as amazing in person as they are on the blog!  I love this blog and the people I get to meet because of it! 
And because I like meeting new people, you get to meet new people as our blog invariable adds new writers.  You may have noticed that Jessie Oliveros has started writing for us in February.  We will be saying good bye to Amber Lynae as she has the important task of having a new baby soon.  Be sure to let her know how much she will be missed.  To take her Friday spot, we have our newest MMW blogger, Cheri Chesley!  Be sure to give her and Jessie a nice warm welcome to the family.  And, as always, leave lots of comments on the blog so I can learn your name and know who you are when I see YOU at a writing conference!


  1. It was truly wonderful to meet you in person. I had so much fun at that conference. It really got me going in the right direction with my writing...just the kickstart I needed after our move.

    We'll have to do it again sometime!

  2. Nikki, thanks for posting the pictures. It was so fun to meet you and it was a great conference. I love blog stalkers, too. Although it does catch me a little off guard when someone in my ward says, "Oh yeah, i was reading your post. . . " lol.

  3. Tamara, I love that you have people in your ward reading our blog. Only my family members and one close friend know about my online persona. Man, I need to buck up and get some courage!

    I can't wait to see everyone who's going to LDStorymakers. We'll have to post loads of pictures. Nikki, thanks for this post!

  4. I didn't know you're in ANWA. Will you request me as a friend on FB? I love connecting with other writers, especially ones from that amazing group or awesome women!



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