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Saturday Stories, Regan Brianne Guerra

Today's guest for Saturday Stories is Regan Brianne Guerra. Regan is an aspiring author who is also a major Shakespeare Buff. Boy, I could have used a friend like her in English class!

Make sure to go check out Regan's blog at where you can check out what she's posting and get a glimpse at her stories.

Q—Would you please begin by telling us a little bit about yourself?
I have loved reading since before I can remember. I love the way that authors, like artists, create vivid people and scenes with the written word. I started writing my own books when I was twelve and have enjoyed creating worlds and characters youth can fall in love with. I'm roaming the nation with my incredibly dashing husband, seeking to understand the many mysteries placed upon this beautiful world.
Q—On your blog you call yourself a Shakespeare buff. Tell us which is your favorite play sonnet, and why?
Gosh, talk about picking a gem out of a treasure trove! I'd probably have to say that my favorite play is "The Merchant of Venice," mostly because of the character Portia. She not only sacrifices her honeymoon to save the life of a man she's never met, but she also dresses up as a lawyer to make certain that man's life is successfully spared. Her personality in general is awesomely quirky, too.
My favorite sonnet... For the sake of time, I'll say my favorite is number 14. It talks about how he can't predict much, but this he does know, that truth and beauty would die if his lover ever did.
Q—How/when did you get started writing?
I started writing when I learned my ABC's and spelling has always been my favorite subject. I really got into writing stories, though, when my 2nd Grade class had an assignment to write a sequel to a children's book. My teacher submitted my story to a school writing contest and I found out that I'd won first place at the school fair.
Q—What is your favorite genre to read/write?

Ooh... Personally, I like to read anything with a message. If that message includes scientific or fantastic creative amazingness, then all the better! To write? I definitely have a favored lean toward sci-fi and fantasy. I'm trying a new route (for me, anyway) in rooting the main character's world into ours. It kind of creates a challenge, since you want to make the world within a world as believable as possible without losing the spark of imagination ignited in a fantasy or sci-fi novel.
Q—Who is your favorite modern author?
JK Rowling. I so admire her ability to keep the story connected and building throughout her books. She must have a LOT of patience to put that much time into plot setting. I'm still working on that...
Q—What is your all-time favorite book/movie/song?
Favorite book? Anything by CS Lewis (Particularly "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and "The Last Battle" from the Chronicles of Narnia). Favorite movie... The Scarlet Pimpernel. Favorite song is "Say Hey" by Michael Franti.
Q—If you could be any character in any book you've read or written, who would it be and why?
Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee from Shannon Hales' "The Goose Girl" because of her courage and humility in whatever trial was placed before her.
Q—What is your favorite blog, besides Mormon Mommy Writers, of course? Make sure to tell us why your favorite is your favorite!
I really enjoy reading Sarah M. Eden's blog ( Her authentic humor gets me every time. I also enjoy my cousin's blog ( Her pictures are incredible!
Q—This is your chance to tell us about one of your current WIP. Give us your pitch! What would you say to sell it to an editor?
In the land of Jagumas, an uprising has begun. Ryedor, a quirky student inventor, has discovered a secret to her past that throws her into the center of the rebellion. She always knew she was meant for greater things, but now her path to greatness has been quickened...
Q—What do you love about writing?
I love words. I love how they can play with the human mind in creating pictures and people that last through ages. I also love portraying accents in dialogue. It makes the character really come to life for me.
Q—What do you have about writing?
I'm assuming you meant "hate" ;). The Dreaded Writer's Block seems to lurk at every corner if there isn't sufficient planning or communication outside myself. That and admitting to myself that there really are voices inside my head, each scrambling to tell a story.
Q—A lot of writers talk about piles of dirty laundry and sinks filled with dirty dishes--things they sacrifice to spend time building stories. What's the one thing that you tend to sacrifice so you can write?
Currently, I feel that I am very spoiled in this regard. It's only me and my husband moving around, so we have minimal dishes and laundry to do. I guess you could say that I'm taking as much advantage of our position as I can. :)
Q—When I write there's always something on my computer to snack on--peanuts, raisins, M&Ms, etc. What's on yours?
A waterbottle, my scriptures, a folder of notes, and I always wear my thinking cap.
Q—How has writing changed your life?
Everything has become a story. I see people driving, walking, shopping, talking, etc. and I think about what their life must be like. This practice also helps create a sense of empathy for my spirit brothers and sisters.

Thanks for the interview Regan!

Make sure to check back next Saturday for another installment of Saturday Stories.


  1. I love that. Everything DOES become a story. I saw a gallon jug of milk on the bottom of a shopping cart left in the parking lot the other day, and my brain took off...
    THANKS!! Great interview!!

  2. Hi Regan, So great to get to know you better. i need to change my writing snack to a water bottle, it would be much better for me than chocolate!

  3. Hi Regan! *me waving* You probably don't remember me, but I met you at my very first ANWA conference about 3 years ago. You were talking about self-publishing. Did you end up going that route?

  4. Great interview, Regan! It was good to get to know you a little better and to find out what your other WIP is about.

  5. Hey Ladies!
    Thanks so much for the comments! It's great to see a response.
    Jolene - Wow, if I had your creativity, I'd be swimming in inspiration! That's awesome!
    Tamara - Yeah, water bottles are healthy, but definitely not as satisfying. ;)
    Nikki - HI!! My gosh! I can't believe you remembered me! I did end up going that route. I found an awesome company to go through, too!
    Deb - Always great to hear from you! :D

    Thanks MMW for the interview! Great opportunity to put my foot out there and catch a glimpse of author life. My hat is off to you!



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