Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing the Publishing World

Every so often I run into new writers whoknownothing about the world of publishing or even what it takes to get published. I've been researching the publishing world so long that sometimes I don't even know where to start. My question to you today is this: What links to websites/blogs or books or magazines helped you to understand the publishing world and what it takes to get published? Put your insights in the comments. Don't be shy, your links may be exactly what a new writer needs to hear!


  1. 1) Editors & Predators
    2) Writer's Marketplace
    3) Mormon Mommy Writers Blog!

  2. Oh, Editors & Predators is a good one.

    Agents' blogs, especially former literary agent Nathan Bransford.

    Editors' blogs, my favorite being EditTorrent.

  3. Ooo, very good suggestions! I can't believe I forgot editors and predators! Thanks so much as I'm trying to help a new writer find his publishing legs. Lol!



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