Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye for now to a Friend and...More Covers?

As most of you have probably noticed, Elizabeth Mueller has been missing from the blog for the past couple of weeks.  She is having great success launching her debut novel, Darkspell.  I can only imagine all that goes into a debut novel, but I do know it takes great attention and focus on the part of the author.  This is why we must, with heavy hearts, say goodbye to Elizabeth on MMW.  But don't forget that we can still find her on her blog and learn more about her new novel and continue to support her in this exciting journey she is on!!

Elizabeth was our resident artist and designed the wonderful covers we asked you judge.  When we asked Elizabeth to create our covers it was before we even received any entries.  We were vague as to what we wanted mostly because we didn't know what we wanted.  So without hardly any direction at all, Elizabeth came up with some wonderful choices.  However, after reading all the stories and picking our winners, we realize that we jumped the gun on the covers.  We are thinking that maybe they should have more to do with the stories that will be in them.  Hmmm, novel concept, right?  We never said we were experts at this, in fact, our main purpose in doing this e-book is to make all the mistakes so you won't have to if you decide to e-publish someday.  You will already know what not to do based on our trial and error method.

So with this realization, we find ourselves without our resident artist.  We want Elizabeth to focus on her book, (since most of us are living vicariously through her and are watching her success with rapt attention) so we have turned to other people for help.  Jenni James has learned a thing or two about making her own covers so she will try her hand at some.  We will keep the "Mommy Writer" cover up as a choice on the side and replace the other covers with new choices.  This means we once again need your help to decide on a cover.  If you think we should go with the cover that describes the blog, then pick "Mommy Writer" again.  But if you prefer one of our other covers, please choose your favorite in the poll to the side.  Thanks again so much for your patience with us, and remember to thank Elizabeth for all her hard work on the blog!

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