Sunday, July 24, 2011

Watch Me

While *fanning* one of the many girls who had fanned me on Wattpad yesterday, I came across this saying on her profile:

There are so many who tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say, "Watch me."

I was instantly struck by this, and immediately shared the quote on my Twitter and FB accounts.  Loving the feel of the strength of the words.   They were so strong and so true. 

The only one stopping us from reaching our goals and dreams is---> us.  We choose whether to listen to the negative influences in our lives.  We dictate our own confidence and belief in ourselves.  

I write because the Lord asked me to.  My publishing story, while full of trials, will not put me off of my goal.  I will be who the Lord needs me to be.  I will make a difference.  

When I wrote the words: Changing the World One Book at a Time--our motto--I never once believed it wasn't a possibility.  The change begins now.  With us.  Don't give up on your dreams, you are needed more than you realize... and you WILL make a difference.  You know it, as assuredly as God knows it.  You are his light to the world.  


--Jenni James  

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  1. I feel like there's a higher power yelling at me today. In Sacrament the topic was commitment, how we should resolve to stay faithful when we set worthy goals. Your post just solidifies that gong clanging in my head.



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