Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Person CAN Make a Difference

Late last night, just before heading to bed, I stumbled across this story on a friend's page.  I was so touched and moved by this little girl's plight, I immediately Tweeted and added it to my own FB profile.

CLICK HERE: Through tragedy, one 9 year old girl gets her wish to save thousands

Here is proof, that even after we die that our legacy still lives on.  Now, through this tragic accident this girl's wish is allowing so many other people to forget about their trials and remember the other wonderful sons and daughters on this earth. To remember why we're here.  Not just to go through our daily trials and learn to accept the plan of our Father and move on... but to also inspire, help and uplift one another.

What an amazing example this was to me.
And may I always have cause to think of all the people around me.
May I always remember the higher, greater purpose, for why I am here, now, at this time.  Because the Lord trusts me and knows I will make the decisions that could change lives forever.

Thank you, Rachel, for teaching me that even the smallest people can make a difference too.

Jenni James

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  1. It is sad when things like this need to happen to help us keep things in perspective. What an amazingly, selfless young girl. Her story is inspiring. I am truly touched and so glad that you shared this with us today.



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