Monday, September 26, 2011

Give me a Break!

My family and I visited the Texas coast last week. It was the perfect break from life. Sometimes all I need is a little vacation to regain perspective...and a little motivation. However, we can't always just drop everything and go to the coast. So I was just thinking about all the little things we might do to create our own little "mini-vacations." Here's my list:

1) I make a chocolate peanut-butter smoothie.

2) I watch LOST on Netflix.

3) I eat all the things I tell my son he can't eat.

4) I read a book.

5) I watch Food Network.

6) I watch a movie with my husband.

(Watch. Read. Eat. That about sums it up for me.) What's on your list?


  1. I want your recipe for number 1 and already practice #3 (makes me feel like a hypocrite, though). Number 6 is also one of my favorites.

    Great ideas.

  2. Nap! Naps are definitely my mini-vacations! #2 on my list is a cup of something hot-chocolately and a long sit doing nothing but staring at the trees dance.

    Love mini-vac's. Ya gotta have 'em!

  3. I eat a big bowl of Lucky Charms for dessert. And I love to go to bed early so I can light a candle, put smelly lotion on my hands and read a good book until I can't keep my eyes open anymore. :-)

  4. Recipe for peanut butter chocolate smoothie...well, I eyeball it mostly but ice, peanut butter (more than less), frozen banana chunks, WHOLE milk if you want to be REALLY healthy, and chocolate syrup (but to complicate things I used baking cocoa and sugar)

    Um, blend. Drink. Take a vacay.

  5. Weston-I can't believe I left out naps. That's number one.

  6. Kasey-I think I'm going to try that one. Putting good smelling hand lotion on before reading a book? Genius.

  7. I would have to say taking a trip to the book store is like a mini vacation for me. Although, I have to be careful how long I stay -if I don't get out quick then it can end up costing like the real thing!!

  8. Tamara-Ha! Yes those bookstores are so tempting. Usually my daughter just runs around tearing books off shelves. Not so much of a vacay for me:)



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