Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's on Your List?

I have this handy little note pad that is divided into two columns. One side is titled "To Do" and the other side is titled, "To Buy". I say handy, because at the time I got it, I thought "how nice that my grocery list won't be cluttered up with calls I need to make or other errands." And for a while this worked for me. But a funny thing happened last night. I was jotting down some things for the next day, food we are out of (I thought I'd keep more food on the shelf with the kids in school - but I forgot about those after-school appetites!), and somewhere along the "To Do" side of things, I wrote a reminder to post this blog. Even though that is easily categorized as something 'to do', at that moment it looked out of place. And I wondered, "Where is my "To Create" list?" Isn't that what I'm doing? Creating a blog post? And then I looked at my note for dinner and thought, "I don't just 'make dinner,' I create happy mealtimes." What else, I wondered, was hiding out on my "To Do" list that really needed to be on my "To Create" list? Do I really just clean and organize or do I create a comfortable environment? Do I just call the women I visit teach, or do I create new friendships? Hmm. Maybe this is all semantics, but doing and buying do not capture the excitement and joy of living like creating does for me.  So go ahead, make a new list, make a "To Create" list today and see what happens!


  1. What a great concept! It reminds me of Elder Uchtdorf's talk about Creating, which I love, but have always felt a little overwhelmed by--I don't sew, scrapbook, paint, write, compose, etc., so am I a total failure? This has made me realize that I can "create" in other ways too! Thanks for that reminder.

  2. That is an awesome perspective! Thank you!

  3. Thanks Diane and Stephanie!
    And Melody - you are more creative than you give yourself credit!

  4. Love this!!! All women are creators--every single da.!



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