Monday, September 5, 2011

Grillin' by the Pool

Afternoon on Labor Day. Are you having a BBQ? Enjoying this delicious fall weather? Swimming ONE LAST TIME?!? Reading this blog, probably not. But in case you are, here I am. And here you are. But I'm off to BBQ and swim...even in this delicious fall weather because I live in south Texas and "cool" is definitely a relative term.

So, what are you doing this Labor Day?

(I know, totally a cop-out I-don't-really-have-anything-really-interesting-to-post-about post. Except I chopped my hair off today. And when my son saw me he asked, "Am I freaked out?" He must have heard me tell my husband, "When our son sees my hair he is going to freak out." Who ever said we put ideas into our children's heads?)


  1. You chopped your hair off! I think you might need to post a picture.

    We didn't BBQ but we had sloppy joes and rafted down the very cold river. Is that close.

  2. We painted our basement and took care of sick kids. Hooray for Labor day.

  3. Patti-I REALLY need to update my profile picture. My current one is about almost four years old. Rafting down a cold river sounds NICE.

    S.P.-I'm just impressed that you managed to paint with sick kids. Yay for you!



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