Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There's Something In the Air

The other day my friend and fellow writer, Joyce DiPastena, who also lives here in Arizona, commented "I went to sleep and woke up in October." The weather has moved from the stifling heat of summer to the unexpected coolness of fall. Overnight. Monday was the coolest we've seen in months, not even getting out of the 80s. And for AZ, that is cool. My kindergartner asked if he needed to bring a jacket to school in case he got cold. 

Lots of people like to read during the summer, taking along their "beach" reads, using their vacations to read novels they don't have time for in the rush of reality during the rest of the year. Kind of like eating a lot of light salads during the summer because it's too darn hot to cook, they prefer that 'light" reading instead of the meat and potatoes of something like "Anna Karenina" or "A Tale of Two Cities". (If those are your summer reads, my apologies. To me, Tolstoy or Dickens is a little more mentally challenging.)

For me the opposite is true. I really don't get to read much during the summer. I spend too much time running after kids. But when fall comes, and the kiddos are in school, that is when I have time to stop and read. I've barely cracked a book this summer, except to read to my children. And I'm feeling it, with the change in the air. The need to tuck a soft, chenille blanket around my feet, relax in a comfortable chair, and lose myself in a great read washed over me in waves today. Mostly because I was packing boxes as we prepare to move into our new house, and I realized it would be another month at least before I could fulfill this desire. Le Sigh. I am bereft of my most beloved past time, and though I know we will be reunited soon, I miss its lack more than in the heat of summer, when other activities and the constant needs of my children called me away.

I also wanted to share this awesome idea with you for a nummy way to celebrate fall. Apple Cider Floats. I can't wait to make this one with the kids. It sounds amazing. Happy Fall and Happy Reading!


  1. We used to live in AZ, so I know how much you appreciate it when it finally cools down! I love fall. And thanks for the link to the Apple Cider Floats recipe. Yum! I bookmarked that one for future use!

  2. Oh moving! It upends everything. Fall does turn my mind to reading again. And pumpkin recipes.



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