Monday, September 12, 2011

A Peek into My Pantry

You know that feeling after you grocery shop, and your refrigerator and pantry are full? Such a nice feeling. Especially if you have a few mom treats you are hiding from the children. (Hard to do around here because my son can SMELL it on my breath.)

I feel that way after I go to the library, too. After not visiting for much too long (on account of traveling and moving and LIFE), I went a few days ago. My pantry is full.

I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend by Cora Harrison (about half-way through and loving it)
All's Fair in Love, War, and High School by Janette Rallison (one of my favorite authors and LDS)
Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter (read the first and loved it)
Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy also by Ally Carter (again, read the first and loved it)
The Lost Saint by Bree Despain (second book of trilogy, also LDS)

I won't be hungry for awhile. What's in your pantry?


  1. Just making my happy way through 'A Heritage of Shadows' by Madeleine Brent, probably my favorite author. And reading for the umpteenth time, my own book, Carving Angels' to get ready for my first, ever book signing! Wish me luck!

  2. Oh Diane! Thanks for the suggestions, especially your own! That is SO exciting! :)

  3. Oh, I am going to try some of those suggestions! It can be so hard to find good books!! I just wish our small town library carried them so that I wouldn't have to buy so many.

  4. Patty-I've been pretty blessed with a city-wide library system. They have pretty much everything.



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