Monday, December 31, 2012

A Christmas to Celebrate

Back in this post here I wrote about how my husband and I are about as similar as hot dogs and roller skates. I love to read and write, he thinks reading is torture and writing is a death sentence. So on Christmas morning when I opened my gifts and found this:

...and this:


I was moved to tears. He had color copies made of the story I had published in the Friend magazine this past year, then found a mat and a frame, and had a gold plaque inscribed, then put it all together himself. He may not ‘get’ me, but he loves me, he is proud of me, and he knows that even though he doesn’t understand it, writing makes me happy. And that is why we work so well together.

And then there were these in my stocking:

Yes, he also knows that I am accident-prone and that our beloved rugrats give me headaches.

These didn’t hurt either:

Awww yeah. Love those boots (they’re by Fergie, by the way, if anyone else starts drooling over them like I did when I first saw them).

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas, and my husband showed me once again why I married him. 

You may think you’re in this crazy writing game alone, but you might be surprised to discover you have a cheering section silently celebrating your every little victory (and I’m a part of it, just in case you didn’t know. See me waving my little flag with your initials on it? GOOO YOU!)

It’s New Year’s Eve...any writing-related resolutions on your list this year that will have us celebrating next Christmas??


  1. My husband gave me a ring I would have never picked out for myself. The only thing I asked for was a love letter, which he used to write when we were first married, and I didn't get. He gave me the ring (its blue and sparkley) and commented that the ring reminded him of my eyes and the night sky. That was the best love letter I've ever received.

  2. My husband is very supportive as well. He is more invested in my fantasy book than me and often gets discouraged at my inability to focus on the story's second draft. But his support is unfailing. My children are just as supportive and encouraging. That really is the best gift to have.



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