Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wrapping Paper and Cardboard Boxes

     After the hubbub and bustle of Christmas is over, what I find myself left with is a bunch wrapping paper and cardboard boxes littering the floor. While the kids run around playing with their new toys, I begin to pick up the mess and I have a chance to think. What is in store in the year to come? There is a whole year before we will have Christmas again. Nine months before I get to wrap my arms around my husband again. Five months until the kids are out of school and we are free to travel to visit family across the country. Next month is filled to the brim with school, piano, ballet, and art classes. My goals for this new year are one, just to make it through the next nine months without losing my mind. Second, to use this time to study the gospel, hopefully in a way that will help me to be a better mother to my children. Third, to finish our WIP!
     In the wake of a wonderful Christmas I have had a week to reflect on the joy my family had and the blessings of a wonderful family and great friends. I've also had the opportunity to think about the coming new year and the things I hope to accomplish in the year 2013. I've never been one to make real resolutions. I think it's because deep down I know I'm just not going to stick to it. I am always trying to better myself as a wife, a mother, and as a disciple of Christ, but I've never considered it a "New Year's Resolution." However, I find myself with a drive I haven't experienced before, a desire to really accomplish something. The one resolution I have this year is to finish our WIP. It has been in the works for so long now, it deserves to be finished.
     Since this will be our last post of 2012 we would like to thank all of you readers for giving us a "safe place" to allow our talent and experience to grow. When we started writing for MMW early last year we were so green and ignorant of so much, but being a part of this community has taught us so much and helped bring some reality to our dream. We have loved reading your comments and learning from you. We'd also like to thank our fellow MMW bloggers. You have all helped us along our way and we appreciate your examples and insights.
Happy New Year!!

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