Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Talking: Library Cheers and Jeers

Since a young age, I have LOVED the library.  I love the smell, the sounds, and the books.  Libraries are AWESOME.  It is my goal to share this love with by kiddos.  I have taken both of my little ones to participate in baby/toddler/preschool story time programs.  Each week, I let my little man pick new books, while I find chapter books for his sister.  His enjoyment brightens my day.  One of his first phrases:  "My book."  Why yes, I am a proud Mama.  I can see them acquiring the love I have for libraries.  YAY!

However, in all of this I have my jeers.  Each time we bring home a new batch of books I remind the kids that they must NOT run off with the books and lose them.  My words are always in vain.  Every week it is a mad book hunt, and I am the only willing huntress.  This past week is a hunt that has me stumped.  We are missing a book.  I dread going back to the library to tell them that the chaos that is my house has devoured one of their lovely books. 

Are you a library book worm?  
 Does your family have a special way of keeping track of your library treasures? 


  1. We love the library! We do story time, and we followed the summer activity programs. My oldest loves to pick his own books and sit and read them for as long as I will let him. The little ones like to play with other kids and let me read to them. We have three library cards, since our library has a 25 item limit.

  2. I take my little ones to the library every Friday and I let the 3-yo pick out some books. Her only criteria for choosing a book is, “Mom, I have not read this one yet!” :-) She’s usually done pretty quickly, so she goes and plays with the toys while I search the stacks for easy readers and chapter books for my older two. I also choose a movie for our Family Movie Night (every Friday). Friday afternoons are like Christmas at our house when the kids get home from school!

    One thing I really like about our library is that I can search for books online and have them put on hold for me, so the librarians find them, put them on the hold shelf with my name, then I just go straight to that shelf just inside the front door and grab them. Much easier when you have little ones in tow!

    I also like that I can easily renew books online or at the library so I in case there’s one I can’t find, I can still avoid fees. We have a library bag that we keep in our front hallway. The rule is that all library books stay in the library bag unless you are actually reading them, then when you’re done they go right back. It helps, but we still have the occasional MIA. :-)



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