Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

It's my blog day today, but it's a national public holiday here so if you don't mind I'll keep this short.

No idea why it's called Boxing Day. Google seems to think it's about the Christmas poor boxes being delivered. It seems a bit unfair that the poor had to wait until after Christmas for their desperately needed alms.

In our house Boxing Day seems to mean trying to find space in the toy boxes for all the new gifts. Or maybe boxing people out of the way as we fight to get into the shops for the start of the (ostensibly) January sales. (Not that our family engages in such materialistic shenanigans, you understand.)

Christmas was wonderful and Boxing Day is all about clearing up the mess and eating my favourite sandwich ever–turkey, bacon, cranberry sauce, sausage, stuffing and bread sauce–all washed down with chocolates from one of the many overflowing tins. I have to build a doll's house and figure out where to hang the kitchen blackboard my lovely children brought me. So Happy Boxing Day everyone and I hope your Christmas was wonderful.

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  1. I've always wondered what boxing day was all about.



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