Thursday, June 20, 2013

Has Anybody Seen Mandi???

So....this is a little embarrassing, but I've been missing from my regularly scheduled posts for several weeks now, and sporadically before that.  The last time I posted I made a call out for good penny pinching recipes and tips from you, our good readers, but sadly, never received a single one.

That, however, is not the reason for my lack of appearance.  I have to admit I am not one to take commitment lightly or to brush of the tasks I have been entrusted with.  I don't mean this as an excuse of any form, but I did figure I owed you an explanation for my MIA status, which has become more of the rule, rather than the exception.

I am expecting!  And while this is my fourth baby, and I'm no stranger to the difficulties of early pregnancy, for some reason I have struggled more with staying on my feet this time around.  I'm having extreme difficulty keeping up with my regular routine, extreme difficulty staying up past 8pm (just after the other three kids fall asleep) and extreme difficulty even remembering the little details.  Like that I was supposed to write a blog post last Thursday.  And the Thursday before that.  And... well, you get the picture.  And writing?  It isn't happening.

I'm three months now, due in early December, and starting to feel slightly more human with each passing day, and hoping the ability to regain a sense of 'some' normality comes with it.  Either way, I'm very excited that the Lord has entrusted me again with the opportunity to welcome one of his precious children into my home.  The writing, I guess, can wait...

I'll see you (hopefully) next Thursday.


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  2. Congratulations, Mandi! How exciting! No worries about the blog. It's not going anywhere.

  3. Congrats, Mandi!!! SO happy for you. It took me until my fourth to discover that all I had to do was make myself eat something every two hours and I’d feel fine- very little nausea. But yeah, the brain cells do have a tendency to get confused and mess you up.

    Oh, and if you’re still looking for more penny pinching recipes and tips, my blog is all about that! It’s

  4. Congratulations! So exciting! I skipped one of my weeks once, and I don't have pregnancy as an excuse. Life gets busy for all of us. Hope you continue to feel well, and better every day.

  5. Mandi, Congrats. I completely understand the forgetfulness of pregnancy. I called it pregnancy brain. I couldn't write, paid bills late, and I too started forgetting to post on my regular day. I still get caught up with my two year old and forget now.



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