Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Two Greatest Fears As a Writer

The other night I had this really awesome dream.  It was action packed with fun adventure all mixed in.  In essence it was a bit of a twisted fairy tail, kind of like Hansel and Gretel only completely different.  I woke up needing to write down every scrap I could remember.  Then I had the thought "I should write about it on the blog!"

 But two big fears about writing took hold...

You see I have two major fears when it comes to writing and sharing my ideas.  The first one being when I get a new idea I become very possessive about it.  I'm afraid that someone might steal my amazing idea and I'll just be left with the appearance of being a copy cat or just that of a completely unoriginal writer.  My second fear is that if I were to share my amazing idea no one else will think it's amazing, which could crush morale and confidence.  So what do I do about it?  Well, I act like a greedy hording little squirrel and I keep all my ideas to myself, only sharing them with my co-writer, Ashley. 

Does anyone else feel this way?  How have you coped or managed these fears and feelings?  I would love to hear ideas and insights, because as a writer that REALLY DOES want to get published I'm going to have to share all these ideas eventually.  How do I get over this?


  1. I have felt like that before, and while I think it’s important to keep certain things “close to the vest”, it’s important to remember that even if someone else does do it, it will be totally different from yours (well, as long as you don’t post the story word for word!). I realized after I started selling crafts on Etsy that two people can make basically the same thing, but it’s those little nuances in their taste, the slight differences in craftsmanship, that will make two items that are basically the same appeal to two different people for different reasons. I realized that it’s my unique perspective that is my “stamp” on what I create, and that in my writing, my “voice” will speak to certain people.

    That’s good news not only because you can breathe a little easier, but also because you know that even if one person doesn’t like it, chances are good that someone else out there will LOVE it just like you did. So it encourages me to keep trying. :-)

  2. It's definitely hard! But how will our babies ever grow if we don't let them out for fresh air and some time in the world? :) Good luck!

  3. The fear that others might not think your idea is great - that's every writer's fear, I think. When our work is in our head, it always sounds brilliant. Once we get it out and work on it, and probably comes off the pedestal a bit. So rest assured, you are not alone in that regard. I, too, worry that my ideas might be hijacked, but I can't do anything about that. I have no solution for that one. :-)



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