Monday, June 17, 2013

WIP on the Brain

Two weeks ago I wrote about “laying concrete”, and forcing yourself to work on your WIP and write even when you really don’t feel inspired. I have been doing my own concrete-laying by setting- and meeting- word count goals each week, with my mom as my writing accountability partner.

One of the things I’ve discovered during the past few weeks I’ve been doing this is that I’m finding that just the act of writing is helping me to keep my WIP on my mind, which means that even when I’m not sitting down pounding the keys, the story keeps percolating in my mind, surfacing at random times when I’m doing other things. It might be the way an author creates suspense in a book I’m reading, or the way a character acts on a TV show I’m watching- small things that I probably would not have made note of had I not been consistently working on my book.

So, just in case you needed another reason to JUST WRITE ALREADY, here’s another one for you: God is leaving inspiration laying all around for you, you just won’t recognize it unless you’re in Writer Mode. How do you get in Writer Mode?


Go. Do.

:-) Kasey

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