Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yay Summer Vacation!...Oh, Wait....


     When I was younger summer vacation was THE thing I looked forward to.  I spent all school year excited for summer time bliss, the freedom to do what I wanted and spend the days with friends, and bask in the warm glow of sunshine and contentment.  When I grew up a little bit my view didn't change too much because I was actually working at a school, so I was able to experience that same excitement and energy in the anticipation of summer break.  When I became a new mom every day seemed the same, so when summer came it just meant that it was warmer, my life didn't really change a whole lot.  As my little babies became little girls I heard other moms talking about how they dreaded summer break.  I could never wrap my head around this.  How could you not be excited to have your kids home with you all day after having them gone so much of the day at school? 
     This last year was my first taste of having a child in school.  My Baby Bug went off to Kindergarten.  We both loved it.  My daughter truly thirsts for knowledge and really loved going to school.  I enjoyed having a little more free time and more one-on-one time with my Baby Bear.  All this being said, I still looked forward to having my Bug home all day again and being able to spend more time with her.  Well...I am here to make it known to the world that I have once again learned not to judge or think critically of all those moms who said they couldn't wait for school to start again.  I find it much like the epiphany I had about those moms who were dragging kids through the grocery store in mismatched clothing and food goobers smeared across their faces, one day I just realized I WAS that mom!  I have become that mom that looks forward to school starting again.  I find myself asking how this happened.  Only a year ago I had both girls at home EVERY DAY and it didn't seem like such a big deal.  How is it that one year of school can change that?  Now, from the moment my girls wake up (which is WAY too early) I'm desperately trying to tread water in the whirlpool of life.  There are moments when I have clung to Pinterest like some kind of life preserver, searching for activities to keep my little ones busy while I scramble to get one or two things accomplished.  I feel my sanity slowly unraveling.  Oh, and my writing?  Yeah, not happening.  There are moments I hardly feel like I have time to breathe.  Please tell me, all you more experienced mothers, that it gets easier as your kids get older, lie if you have to! Just kidding, I know life is never really going to slow down, at least not while my kids live at home, but I do hope that I am able to get myself to a point where I know what to do with myself in the midst of all the chaos. 
All that being said, I really do love having both my girls home and I treasure my time with both of them.  I feel very blessed to have them.

What are some of your favorite summer activities?


  1. Ha ha, it does get a little bit easier as they get older. Mine are 9, 7, 3, and almost 1, and I have been enjoying this summer immensely so far. For one thing, we got a pool, which has been huge. I can send the older ones out and it’s not very deep so I don’t have to worry about them (though I do keep close tabs out the window and make the 3-year-old get out if I’ll be away from the window for any length of time). We have a lot of fun going to the library and getting books to read (I love that my son and I can enjoy some of the same books now) and I’m bribing them into keeping journals as well (they get 1 Skittle or M&M for every correct beginning capitalization and ending punctuation).

    The other great thing is CHORES! In the morning one child empties the dishwasher and clears the breakfast dishes, the other one sweeps the kitchen and vacuums the living room. In the afternoon one clears the lunch dishes and wipes down the table, the other one picks up the downstairs hallway & bathroom. In the evenings, one helps set the table & clears & wipes it down when dinner is done, the other picks up the floor in the living room and sweeps the kitchen. The 3-year-old acts as a helper to the older ones on alternating days.

    It is a huge help having them home because it eases the burden of chores a little bit, and we can plan fun outings, like to the park, the beach, the zoo, etc. It is more work at times handling all the arguing, the extra messes, and frequent emotional meltdowns, but I am a fan of summer nonetheless. I’ve found that it really helps to have a basic daily schedule- for us it’s breakfast & chores first thing, then an outing or playing in the pool, then lunch, then quiet time for everyone (baby naps, older ones read, write, or do worksheets I print off from the internet). Then we play a board game together before dinner.

    As for my writing, I still do it at night when they’re in bed. ;-) LOL!

  2. My advice is to enjoy each stage as it comes. Life will always be busy and when you look back, it has flown by. You just have to prioritize and fit in the most important things first. Kids are one of those. That doesn't mean you have to feel guilty when you sneak in some me-time or writing time. It's a balancing act. You do the best you can and plan some special times to make summer fun. Enjoy those cute little blessings while you can. There's a time and season for everything. One day you will look back and be a Mormon grandma writer.



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