Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday So What: Thotful Spot

This week I got an email asking me where I get my ideas from. I don't have a muse like Anna's "Bob". What I do have is a Thotful Spot, ala Winnie the Pooh.
There are times when I just need to "think think think". Whether I need to come up with a new idea or my story is collapsing with me in the middle, there is one spot that I can always count on to find my answers. My bathtub. An odd place, but admittedly, it is a really nice bathtub. When I remodeled my house I told my husband to do whatever he wanted with the kitchen (its really small as a result) the master closet (we don't have one) as long as I had the master bath of my dreams. A Kolhler double soaker tub with overflow. Bubbles, jets and water up to my ears. 

It might be magical. For real. The fountain of youth novel concepts. I'm considering drafting my will so I can be buried in it.

But the whole point is that everyone needs a thotful spot. A spot clear of kids, bills, spousal demands, or work. A sanctuary just for you. A place to let your mind relax so that creativity can come.

So I want to know where you get your best ideas.
The toilet?
A beach?
The beach you dream about while on the potty?


  1. Ha ha! My thotful spot is the shower. I always seem to get my best ideas in there, and I think it’s because I’m on autopilot with what I’m doing, since I always wash in the same order every time I shower, and I can’t possibly just stop and go do something else (well, until I’m done) and the only thing I have to look at are the white shower walls and white shower curtain. It’s like a blank canvas for my brain. So the only thing to occupy my mind are my own personal thoughts. Granted, I only get 15 minutes to really think each day, but I cherish it. :-)

  2. I'm with Kasey--the shower (except I'm not actually with Kasey in the shower, because that would be creepy). But it certainly is where I do my best thinking. I sometimes wish I could type in there. I get these brilliant thoughts and have to run out of the bathroom and write them down before I even get fully dried off or dressed. Otherwise I forget again.

  3. Hmm, I'm thinking its a water thing. Maybe Seattle people should be especially creative



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