Sunday, July 7, 2013

Don't Forget to Exercise Your Brain

     It's summer time and the sun is shining.  People everywhere are making their way to pools and beaches.  It seems there's also quite a few more people hitting the streets and jogging, walking, and riding bikes.  Summer time is a great time to get out and exercise.  Summer has a way of making us more aware of our bodies and physical health, but what about our brains?  I know for me summer provides so many great and fun distractions that sometimes I forget my brain needs a little workout too.  I have noticed over the last few years that when I get lazy mentally it's harder to get back in the groove of creative thinking and writing.  As a writer that can be a bit of a problem. 

     I have always loved logic puzzles and riddles, not to say I'm actually good at them, but I've always found them to be fun.  I love a challenge, and even more, I love the satisfaction I feel when I've solved a problem.  One of my favorite types of brain exercises are grid logic puzzles.  I remember the first time I was given one in elementary school and I have loved them ever since.  The object is to find the answer to the question given at the end of a riddle by using the few clues given to rule out all other options. 
    Another fun little brain exercise is the 9 dot game.  I'm sure many of you have seen this, and may even know the answer already.  You are presented with 9 dots set up as 3 rows of three.  The object is to use four straight lines or less to connect all nine dots without lifting your pen and without tracing over the same lines.  Think you could do it?


   So while you're out enjoying the summer season don't for get to give your brain a little love too. 
What are some of your favorite brain exercises?

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