Friday, July 5, 2013

Writing Education

As a Mormon Mommy Writer, most of us find ourselves buried in responsibilities. Most of us have children, husbands, and church callings, some of us even have jobs outside of the home. But the one thing we all have is the dream to write books that people will read. To accomplish that dream we must find the time to educate ourselves in writing. How do we do this? Many of us can't get a degree in creative writing, we're already engaged in a demanding program in which our resulting degrees will have first and middle names and share our last name! That program of course is called M.O.M. So how do we balance our writing with this most important education we are already committed to? Well, we get creative and use our resources.

 There are writer's conferences, (like ANWA Writer's Conference), online writer's conferences, (like The Muse Online Writer's Conference). There are blogs (like this one!!), articles, Author websites and many, many other resources. And just the other day I found another resource! Ever wish you could take a creative writing class at a prestigious university from a renowned, published author? Now you can. Brandon Sanderson's creative writing class is online. You can watch a semester's worth of his lectures and also participate in writing exercises and critiques. The best part is that it is free! (Because our M.O.M. degree is not cheap!) This program isn't run by Brandon Sanderson, and he will NOT be critiquing your work. But the opportunity this provides us is tremendous. I don't know who thought up this wonderful program, but I think they could claim honorary Mormon Mommy Writer status!
What other resources have you found to help you learn more about the craft of writing? Include links if you can!

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  1. This is AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing this, Nikki!!!



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