Saturday, February 22, 2014

A funny thing happened....

By Lacey Gunter

Earlier during the day I was on the phone with my hubby explaining the sizable skid mark in our lawn next to the driveway. He was a little worried and wanted to know what had happened. It was sort of a random story, nothing dramatically exciting. But at the end of the story my husband remarked in amazement "Seriously, Lacey, you have the oddest things happen to you." Then he proceeded to list several other incidents he found unusual, as evidence, and ended with a "Weird!"

I ruminated on the conversation for quite some time.  He is not the first person to voice such opinions.  And, in truth, the incidents he mentioned were very strange. One or two I would even have trouble believing had I not experienced them myself. But, don't strange things happen to everyone?

I unreservedly accept that I am a bit of an odd duck. However, I came to the conclusion that what he and others were really expressing is that I love a good story, especially the kind that actually happened.

 I love to hear other people's narratives and I enjoy telling people my own narratives. One of my favorite types of narratives to tell are the ones that are funny, strange or unusual.  I love to set the scene and sprinkle in all the quirky details. And that moment when they start to giggle or their jaw drops open in surprise is great. I guess I share them to help me process the experience and to try and decipher any hidden meanings or lessons learned.  I also share them to try and connect with people and make them laugh or get them thinking.

What about you?  Do you love to tell a good story?  Not just the made up kind, but your own intriguing or romantic narratives? What stories do you love to tell?


  1. I'm rooting for you, Mare!!

  2. I write humor articles for a local magazine every month, and I also love writing about the random things that happen day to day- things that I find funny, and I discover that I have a talent for writing them in such a way that others find them funny as well, rather than, "Well, I guess I just had to be there." In fact, when I take my facebook breaks I have several friends who tell me how much they miss my posts, mostly because I usually try to post status updates that will make people laugh. Here's an example of one of those random stories I posted last week:

    "I sent T around to the neighbors to see if he could rustle up some ketchup for me to use in my teriyaki sauce recipe (just realized I was out!) and so he went across the street and C and A were keeping watch at the door while I was in the kitchen. C goes, "MOM! He went in the house!" A runs in, "Mom, is he allowed to go in?" I said, "Yeah, she probably just invited him in while she got the ketchup." A runs back to the door and yells, "He's OUT! Mom, he CAME OUT of the HOUSE!" Then C runs in the kitchen yelling, "He has ketchup, Mom! He has the ketchup!" I come to look and see T marching triumphantly across the street holding the ketchup bottle like a trophy.

    *sigh* We clearly need to get out more."


  3. I have never been one to be able to tell a good story but my sister Sandra she can spin the best yarns sometimes I wish I could but I can't my life is pretty run of the mill



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