Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Makeover Story

Once upon a time there was a mom.  She was just an ordinary, every day sort of mom.  She lived a pretty ordinary life.  Then one day a very skilled up-and-coming stylist asked if she could do the mom’s makeup and hair.  This wasn’t the first time the young beautician had asked.  The mom thought for a moment and decided that perhaps it was time for a makeover, and agreed to the stylist’s request.

At first the mom had some serious doubts and thought that perhaps the whole idea was a big mistake.  However, she decided that life was meant to be lived and realized sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind. 

After quite a few minutes the stylist handed the mom a mirror.  When the mom looked in the mirror she realized her new makeup would take some time to get used to, but when she saw the look of pure joy and satisfaction on the stylists face she new it was worth it. 

Next it was time for a new hair-do.  The stylist began to sing softly to herself as she pulled and tugged on the mom’s hair, pinning it here, clipping it there, until the stylist chirped out in a cheery voice, “All done!”

Then it was time for a mani-pedi.  The stylist began searching her collection of polish for the perfect combination of colors.  The mom gingerly rolled up her sleeves and pant legs and held her breath as the stylist dipped the tiny brush into the bottles of colorful paint. 

Finally it was time for the final touches of makeup.  The tiny beautician smiled and fluttered about adding bits of color for the perfect finishing touches. 
At last she once again handed the mirror over to the mom.  The mom stared into the mirror and could only smile.  She took her baby girl into her arms and squeezed her tight as she kissed her cheeks.  She thanked her daughter for the wonderful makeover.  The little girl's eyes lit up.  She clapped her hands and asked repeatedly, “Do you like it?”  The ordinary not so ordinary mom responded, “Yes, I love it.  Thank you.” And again she hugged her little girl.  


  1. So adorable! Remember this day when she becomes a teenager and wishes you would just leave her alone.

  2. Oh this made me think of the times when my daughters would do my "make up" it was always fun and I loved it and I miss it...........



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