Saturday, August 9, 2014

Creative Writing With Your Children

By Lacey Gunter

I have yet to try writing a serious piece of creative fiction with another author. I hear it can be rewarding, but difficult. I have written many technical academic papers with coauthors and I imagine the process is similar. The level of creativity and ideas for ingenuity and problem solving can be dramatically improved with multiple authors, but getting everyone to agree on a final idea or draft can be tedious and frustrating.  So attempt it at your own risk.

This picture has nothing to do with my post, but I found this little guy slithering around in my backyard yesterday. Isn't he cute!

However, I can recommend a coauthoring experience that I found to be both rewarding and delightful. My 8 year old son recently suggested that he and I write a story together. A few days later I attended WIFYR and heard literary agent John Cusick say we should take the time to write something just for the joy of it without the pressure of having to market it or share it with other people.  That sounded like the perfect idea for writing with my son.

So after WIFYR, my son and I sat down and wrote a story together. I let him direct who the main characters should be and what the plot was about and then I added all the little details and fanciful writing. He thought it was great because the story turned out much better that he felt he could have done on his own. I thought it was fun because I felt no pressure to make the story more marketable, so I was free to follow his creative juices where ever they flowed. The experience gave my son greater confidence in his writing abilities and it renewed my love for writing. Best of all, it brought my son and I closer together.

So if you are bored with your kids on a Saturday, give it a try.  If it doesn't work out, you could also just go hunt for baby snakes in your backyard. ; )


  1. Last year my 2nd-grade daughter was out of school for a few days due to illness. I e-mailed the teacher to find out about her work, and her teacher told me that one of the days she was out they had done write-a-thon, where they had the whole day to write a story. She gave me the writing prompt and so my daughter and I talked about it and then we each wrote our own story. It was so much fun! We sent them both to the teacher.

    I also love doing art with my kids. This year we’re all going to enter art pieces in the county fair, just for fun. :-)

  2. Love this idea and Kasey's as well!



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