Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We are all in college...

By:  Kristi Hartman

Lately I've been trying to fit in my writing in little, blips, I guess we could call them.  While kids are watching a cartoon, I try to push the inspiration quickly to the surface and get it out on my computer screen.  It usually goes that when I am really getting going, something happens.  The phone rings, the kids are fighting, the toddler is trying to escape out the front door, etc etc etc.
Such is our lives.  Whether it's small kids, teenage kids or full-time jobs, there is always going to be something.  
I came across a great article online that I want to share by Jody Hedlund.  At the time I read this I was getting a little frustrated at not being able to get in all I wanted, and she helped put things in perspective for me.

Check it out here

I loved this statement: 

"For a while we’ll have to work without pay—especially in the formative years during which we’re gaining something similar to a college degree in the basics of writing."


It made so much sense to me- it's like we are going to college, pulling through these few formative semesters until we can get to the end, and instead of a college diploma we will have our finished, published novel in our hands.

Keep powering through!  


  1. Love it! I am on the support team for the book based on the “Drops of Awesome” post, and this reminded me so much of that. One of the quotes from the book is: "You can't do it all. You can't even do most of it. You can do something. Do it now!” :-) Drop of Awesome!

  2. What a bloody great post, I really liked this one



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