Sunday, September 7, 2014

How bad do you want it?

I get asked all the time, being a single mother with an absent ex-, "How do you do it?  I don't think I could do it if I were in your situation."
Now, I'm sure that most of you married peeps can think of your own version of this question that you have been asked.  Maybe it is juggling 6 kids and a husband that is going to school AND working... shoot, I think about me and my mentality and doubt I'd be able to do it.  But do you know what I've learned?
I could.
You could too.

Because if the stakes for NOT doing it are high enough, you'd find a way.  My children depend on me.  Heavens is it hard sometimes... some days I have to really dig deep to just get out of bed in the morning.  In my mind, and I choose to keep it this way, I am their only hope.  In that respect, how can I fail?  That's the point.  I can't.

Thankfully I know that I have the LORD on my side, and whenever I truly need him, he comes through for me.  He loves my children too!  I find patience when I have run out.  I find understanding when my mind tries to close up.  And I find time, for them, when I feel like I'm running out of it.  I also have a very loving and supportive family that truly believes in the responsibilities of family members towards each other.

Not all of our challenges will seem like a life or death situation.  Hopefully most of them won't.  But I believe that the idea behind it stands.  What if your goal is to loose weight (like me) and are struggling with it?  The idea is to create an extreme need in your mind.  You may feel strongly enough about it, but if you aren't out there working at your goal, then the need, or absence of that need, isn't strong enough.  Put it this way; what if your doctor or the LORD stands in front of you and tells you that you must run once a day, or you would die?  This would create a strong enough need to get out there, wouldn't it? Running would probably be one of the first things on your list for the day!

Now of course that's an extreme situation that hopefully we wouldn't find ourselves in, but in your mind, you have to find your own extreme reason to do whatever it is that you want to get done.  If you are writing a story, how badly do you want to get it done?  Bad enough to do what it takes?  My dad always asked me that all the time,  "How bad do you want it?  Bad enough to do what it takes?"  and if I didn't achieve or get it, he'd say, "I guess you didn't want it bad enough.  If you did/do, you will find a way."

There is a season for everything and I encourage righteous pathways to it... but I know it can be done.  There's a book that really has helped me further in this area, that I highly recommend, that is called  Take the Stairs  by Rory Vaden.  He has an abundance of useful knowledge in that book.

You want something... get out there and find a way!  Go get it, and then come back here and write about it!


  1. Love this, Syra! So happy to see you back! :-) This is one of those posts that is making me think... :-)

  2. Good! That was my goal! :) Knowing I got at least one person to think is what I needed to hear!

  3. Fabulous post, Syra! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh this was a lovely happy post I liked it and it makes one think also so I am pleased I came for a visit today

  5. I did the single mother thing too. It's not easy, but ultimately you just get on and do what you have to do because there's just no other choice. It all worked out in the end - now I'm married again to a really lovely man who takes good care of my kids, and they're growing up well-adjusted and with strong testimonies. It gets easier!

  6. Thanks for this one. I love the idea of creating that need, figuring out how to make it important. Also, I agree--we do it when we have to do it. The Lord helps us and makes a way.



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