Monday, September 22, 2014


"Joey! Sit down please... c'mon, let's get it done fast so you can go out with your friends.."  I beg my son for what seems like the millionth time.  You see, my son struggles with ADHD.  He is a really good kid, but like most that struggle with it, still has a hard time with long difficult events like homework. This is not an uncommon scene for most parents, even those who don't have kids with ADHD.

"Liya, please don't distract him, just concentrate on your own homework!"
I send a silent prayer, begging for help.
Right then an idea hits me.  I bang my hand down on the kitchen table for effect, and watch my kids look up startled.  (Probably expecting me to start yelling at them... ha!)  I put on my most wicked expression and slid over close to my sons face.  In the most sinister 'witchy' voice I said "I have changed your sista into a... llama!

The only way to change her back is to figure out the formulas!!"  (This witch apparently has a bit of an English accent..)
Joey looks at me, his previous dulled look gone, his eyes twinkling with interest.  "Where is the formula?"  he giggles.

         "THIS," I hooked my finger and slid his math page away from him, " is the formula!  My plan is perfect, because I don't think you can figure it out!"  I let out an evil cackle.
"Ha!  Yes I can!  I will save my sister.  I'm smart enough to figure this out!"  His sister is watching from the side, giggling at the fact that she was turned into a llama, fascinated at the scene unrolling in front of her.  He grabs the paper away from me, and starts doing the problems!

I was elated!  "We'll see about that..."  I cackle as I slowly back off.  As I walk away, I turn around and see that not only was my son scribbling furiously away at his homework, but my daughter was too!  Incredible!
When he got to his word study, we dove into another scenario, making it a quest for a spell to unlock a secret room.

What use to be a 2-3 hour battle of the homework, suddenly became an exciting story they got to act out.  My goal, and the purpose of my prayer, was not just to get their homework done, but to help them to see that it doesn't have to be a negative experience!  I want my kids to see that they control how situations affect them.  If we can help our kids to learn this young, they can handle and conquer the trials that they face when they are older...
I was telling my sweet friend Kasey about this experience and she suggested that I blog about it.  I hope that this helps you all open up for other ideas in the big homework battle!  Maybe in the process we can dust off our own imaginations too!


  1. I LOVE THIS Syra! You are so fun and your kids are blessed to have you as their mom. :-)

    1. Awww thanks Kasey!! I think this one was a bit inspired, so I can't take all the credit... just the animation! lol

  2. Homework is a nightmare, I am the one who has to do it with Leo as his mum says she doesn't have the patience. I use to help my girls with their homework but if they would not do it I would not fight with them over it as I didn't have the patience myself when my girls were little



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