Monday, September 1, 2014

I’m Late! I’m Late!

But I’m still here. :-)

Tomorrow my kids go back to school.

Things I Will Miss About Summer:

1. Staying up late to write and sleeping in every morning.
2. Getting to go running every morning because my older kids are there to watch my toddler.
3. Planning fun family adventures each week.
4. Getting to enjoy my kids’ company and watch them learn and grow and experience new things.
5. Basking in the blue skies and sunshine.
6. Additional help from older kids with household chores (and the time to pester them to GET THEM DONE already).

Things I Will NOT Miss About Summer:

1. The messes. Soooo many messes. All the time.
2. The fighting. Soooo much fighting. All the time.
3. Preparing 3 full meals every day.
4. Doing the dishes for 3 full meals every day.
5. Grocery shopping with 4 children in tow.
6. Pestering my children to GET THEIR CHORES DONE already.

I’m excited about a new school year because I am starting two new ventures: the first is a writing group for moms with young kids called Mommies Always Write which will be a kid-friendly writing group. If you’re in the Richmond area I’d love to have you (and your kids) join us- it will be the first Friday of each month, 10:30am at Central Library in Chesterfield.

The second venture is a Power of Moms Learning Circle. This is a group of moms who will get together once a month to discuss different articles about parenting. There’s a whole curriculum and everything! So excited to learn from other amazing mothers.

I will also be working diligently on my book in preparation for the James River Writers Conference in October- it will be here before I know it! Yikes!

And, of course, I will be attending Adult Institute (scripture study) classes again this year, which always uplifts me and feeds me mentally and spiritually.

So many ways to learn and grow- what about you? Are you gearing up for anything exciting this fall?

Happy September, everyone!


  1. Yeah we go through so much more food when the children are home and not at school and some of them don't seem to stop eating from the time they get out of bed till the time they go back to bed.

  2. You are so busy! Both, when the kids are in school, and out!



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